Only 12 Miles

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I only ran 12 miles this morning. Just 12. Yeah, I know I come across as an arrogant POS saying that. But, it's true, I only ran 12 miles today, and I find that amazing. And other fellow Run for Researchers were saying it too. And they were just as amazed.

But, the really, truly amazing thing is, if I can get to a place where I can make such an outlandish proclamation, you could too.


I remember so well feeling like my lungs and legs were going to explode running (really more speed-walking) 2 miles from my office to Mass. Ave. and back. I remember a year or so later when I did my first big mileage on Fridays - the Friday 5. I did it by focusing on the experience (the Charles River area is really one of the most beautiful places to run). I did it by focusing on small goals, and only expanding once they became comfortable. I did it by focusing on mileage before pace. And, in the end, really did it by just doing it.

And today, I only ran 12.

And someday, so could you.


One Month!

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The 2011 Boston Marathon is now exactly one month away! I just wanted to take a moment to send out a huge "Thank You!" to everyone who has donated to the American Liver Foundation in support of my run. The end is in view, and and I'm well on my way to achieving what I've set out to do.

For training I have so far:

  • Run more than 500 miles over almost 200 hours.
  • Run between downtown Boston and Newton and back 8 times (including once in a snowstorm).
  • Consumed 66 energy gels and 33 cups of gatorade.
  • Done 900 lunges and squats.
  • Run around the MIT indoor track 400 times.
  • Worn a pink tutu while running 17 miles from Natick to Back Bay.

As you know, I'm doing all this for the American Liver Foundation with the hope that more people in the future can successfully combat liver disease like I did. I only have little over 100 miles more to run before Patriots' Day, and a tad less than $1,000 to raise in order to reach my goal.

if you haven't done so already and have a few moments and shekels to spare, please make a donation in support of my run.

Ohhh, definitely want to avoid getting Dead Butt Syndrome. Maybe I should push my Gym workouts to twice a week. It's just that it's soo hard to get up early after a track workout (when I'm not able to get to bed until 11).

2011 Season Track Workout Schedule

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Here's our Community Running Monday night track workout plan for the season. I'll go into details on what the workouts actually are as we do them each week. As you can see, last night was a (1200, 1000, 800, 600) x 2 @ 5k workout. What does that mean? Click the continue reading link below to find out...

Date Workout Type
December 20 (1200, 1000, 800, 600) x 2 @5K Interval
December 27 Track Bingo Fun
January 3 3 x 1800 @ (5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon) Interval
January 10 ELF 3 x 10 laps with worksheet Pacing/Cruise
January 17 8 x 600 @ 5k w/one lap shuffle Interval
January 24 600 easy, 200 hard x 5, Break, Repeat Speed
January 31 4 x 1800 @ (5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon) Interval
February 7 ELF 4 x 10 laps with worksheet Pacing/Tempo
February 14 8 x 600 @ 5k w/one lap shuffle Interval
February 21 Track Bingo Fun
February 28 (1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400) x 2 @5K Interval
March 7 5 x 1800 @ (10k, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon) Pacing/Cruise
March 14 10 x 600 @ 5k w/one lap shuffle Interval
March 21 2 x 1 mile @ Marathon, then "Survivor" Fun
March 28 5 x 1800 @ (10k, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon) Pacing/Cruise
April 4 5 x 1 mile @ Marathon Pacing/Tempo
April 11 3 x 1 mile @ Marathon Pacing
April 18 Boston Marathon Race

Baby it's cold outside

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Short runs this week were 4 miles yesterday at home and 6 miles this morning around the Charles. Decent enough runs, except it was freezing out. Seems that the transition from fall (40-50 degrees during the early morning) and winter (20-30 degrees just after sunrise) was non-existent.

For temps under 40, what would be considered a gentle cooling breeze during the rest of the year becomes an arctic blast in the winter. Immediately after starting both yesterday's and this morning's runs my face felt like it was going to freeze and fall off. In moments my whole head began to burn in pain from the cold air. It calmed down by the end of the first mile, and by mile three the cold became bearable. But that's the best that can be said.

Monday Night Track

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Last night was my first track practice of the season with Community Running. Every Monday evening from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM throughout the winter Community Running offers coached speed interval workouts at the MIT Indoor track. Brian Hamill, a coach for Run for Research is also head coach for Community Running, and a healthy amount of Liver folk like me join Community Running as part of our training for the Boston Marathon. We always start off with a short 1.8 mile warm up run outside, followed by various types of speed workouts on the track each week. 

This week it was an 8 x 600 interval workout. But, first, a comment on the outdoor warm-up: It was snowing!

Starting Training

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Well, I think I can say that training has formally started. I ran six miles this morning and will run four miles tomorrow. On Saturday I join a bunch of folk from Liver and other charities for the first team long run out of Fitcorp @One Beacon Street (10 miles: One Beacon to Cleveland Circle and Back). Yeah, 20 miles in three days after what's basically been two weeks off isn't the smartest approach. But I've established a pretty good 20+ mile a week base in October and November, and I'm making them very easy miles.

Now I just have to kick the fundraising into gear!

Once more, with Feeling

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So I'm doing it again.

I'm officially part of the American Liver Foundation Run for Research team for the 2011 Boston Marathon. My donation page is all set up and operational, so please donate now! Over to the far right is a snapshot of my training status from my running log at RunningAhead. November's going to be a bit slim as far as mileage goes, but watch for it to pick up in December as training formally begins.

This time I know I can reach my time goal of under 4:30. Now that I know what an IT band is, I'm pretty sure I can avoid any further issues on that front. And running has definitely become a way of life for me. Just last month I ran in the Harwich Cranberry half marathon and had my best time ever: 2:00:35.

Stay tuned...

The Tale of Dick Chase's 2009 Boston Marathon

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Yeah, so I suck at keeping a Blog. I used to be great at it. Really. Check out Simmerstock or Honest Cuisine. Anyway, I kept up with all the training and I finished the 113th Boston Marathon. Here's what happened:

Late in the afternoon two Monday's ago, somewhere on Boylston street between Exeter and Dartmouth streets, a nice woman untied my right shoe, removed the timer chip that I attached the night before, re-tied my shoe, and draped a pewter finisher's medal around my neck. I made a short visit to the medical tent and then walked with Francie and Jason to the Arlington T station so Francie could head back to Sharon and David's in Brookline to get Samantha and Halle. Jason walked with me to the Westin to make sure I was OK, and I took advantage of the Liver Foundation's room on the 26th floor to take what may have been be the most wonderful shower of my life. 

And that was it. It was all over: Five months of training through a snowy cold winter; exhausting Monday nights at the indoor track in the MIT Johnson Athletic Center; monthly team meetings/pep rallies at the Westin; countless miles run between One Beacon street and Newton, around the Charles River and up and down the hills of Southborough. And, it's over.

Giving Thanks

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What better time to say thank you than Thanksgiving?! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has already made a donation to the American Liver Foundation in support of my marathon run. Because of your generosity we've raised over $1,275 - a quarter of the way to my goal of $5,000!

If you haven't made a donation yet, you can do so very easily online at my Run for Research fundraising page. If you'd rather go the old fashioned paper route, you can send a check to me, made out to the American Liver Foundation and I'll forward it to the ALF offices. I'll forward checks at the end of every month.